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How to submit paper

1.    First of all authors should prepare their paper according to our style-sheet.

2.    Authors should ensure whether their paper is not already published anywhere or in communication.

3.    Authors are requested to send their paper by their own e-mail, otherwise it will difficult to update them about their papers status time to time.

4.    All papers will be blindly reviewed, because we do not send any information to our reviewers about authors and their affiliation, so any paper may be rejected or suggested for necessary changes.

5.    Papers should not be less than 5 pages or more than 25.

6.    Authors may send their paper to:

Umesh Kumar Singh
(Senior Research Associate, Centre for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, USA)

Harendra Kr. Bhargava
(Banaras Hindu University)

Joint Editor
Devanand Shukla
(MSRVVP Ujjain)


Editorial Board

Dr. Pratap Mishra

Dr. Shailendra Dixit

Dr. Pradeep Mishra

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Mishra

Dr. Vimal Mishra

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Last updated: January, 2013